Hoping for Return

The Civil War rages and the young mother of three pauses from her work.  The second floor window supplies the best view down the road.  She can only hope and pray for his return as she ritualistically stands watching for and remembering him each day.

Landmark Inn in Castroville, Texas hosts educational events where one can experience history in person.  I attended such an event and photorgraphed Amanda Maloney, who had prepared and served a period correct meal and  momentarily stepped into an upstairs room to attend to her infant daughter.

The events of the day shaped the story I imagined.  I know the  narrative will change with each viewer as they bring their own experiences into the story of the woman before the window.

Hoping for Return–copyright 2017

Oil on canvas 24 x 30

Reflection Gallery, Canyon Rd., Santa Fe, NM http://www.reflectiongallery.com

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